What is the North East Uni Connect Programme?

The North East Uni Connect Programme is a partnership of all of the universities and colleges in the North East region. We are working together to support young people in the North East think about their futures and how higher education can help them reach their goals. 

This activity is part of the Uni Connect Programme funded by the Office for Students (OfS). Details of the Uni Connect Programme can be found here.

What is FutureMe?

FutureMe is the targeted programme of activity being offered to students by NEUCP. Students taking part in FutureMe will have access to a range of activities and events to support them in considering their future options and learning about educational pathways available to them. By taking part in FutureMe activities we want young people to: 

  • Have the opportunity to plan for their future and gain an understanding of what can support them in reaching their goals. 
  • Have access to high quality information and support to help them consider whether higher education is the right option for them. 
  • Have an increased awareness and understanding of higher education opportunities and progression pathways in the region.

Why has my school been targeted?

OfS have asked that activity be focused in areas where their analysis has shown that participation in higher education is both low overall and much lower than would be expected given KS4 attainment levels in those areas. Your school has been identified as supporting young people who reside in an area identified by analysing data in this way.

Which students should participate in FutureMe activities

We will work with your school to help identify students in Years 9-13 who will form part of the targeted cohort for intensive higher education progression support. We will also provide broader outreach support for your school for students who are not considering higher education as an option, despite being academically able and having the potential to benefit from higher education.

We want to make sure that students are considering all of their options and so we want to work with students who may not have the opportunity to receive information and support regarding higher education from other sources

How will my school work with NEUCP?

You will work with a Project Co-ordinator who is based at one of the NEUCP partner universities. Together with a team of Higher Education Ambassadors, your Project Co-ordinator will work with you to establish how FutureMe can help your students and school and then facilitate the delivery of appropriate activities and events. Our Project Co-ordinators and Higher Education Ambassadors will represent the full higher education offer in the region

How will participating benefit my school? 

  • Through FutureMe we can offer students in your school high quality support relating to their future and higher education, in line with school priorities.
  • FutureMe activity will be developed based on the wealth of knowledge and experience of working with young people held by the all of the universities and colleges involved in the project.  
  • You will be able to work closely with a Project Co-ordinator to ensure that the activity provided by FutureMe meets the requirements and priorities of your own school. 
  • Students not directly involved in intensive FutureMe activity will also benefit from opportunities to join in with larger scale activities delivered by our team of Higher Education Ambassadors, as well as from cultural change of increased aspiration from students working with FutureMe.
  • FutureMe can help schools meet the requirements of the Gatsby Good Career Guidance Benchmarks.
  • While FutureMe will work to support students, there will also be areas of work to increase understanding of higher education routes on a regional level. This will include support for teacher/tutors to increase knowledge and understanding of higher education, as well as work with parents/carers. 
  • The Project Co-ordinator allocated to your school will help identify and support access to other higher education outreach opportunities and will provide you with a report at the end of each academic year detailing a summary of activities that have taken place and impact/evaluation outcomes.

What if my school hasn't been targeted?

If your school has not been identified as supporting young people who reside in target areas as determined by OfS then we will be unable to offer our targeted outreach activities in your school. 

However, the universities and colleges involved in NEUCP are continuing to deliver their usual outreach activities across the region. You can see details of the activity they offer and find information to help you support your students by visiting Outreach North East


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