Age 13-15

During your time at school you will find you are asked to make a number of choices, these may be about the subject you want to study or what you plan to do in the future. We understand that these decisions can be confusing and that is why we want to provide as much information as possible. Use the links to your left to find out more about higher education, or take a look at some FAQs below. 


­What is higher education?

Higher education is any qualification at level 4 or above (so usually a qualification you would study after you’ve finished your A Levels or Level 3 qualification).

Are there different types of higher education qualification?

There are different types of higher education qualification and depending on which one you choose you might study for different lengths of time or in different ways. Some qualifications are mainly practical and hands on, some are mainly delivered through lectures and classroom-based study.

What subjects can I study?

There are lots of different subjects that can be studied at higher education level – some are broad subjects which you might study to develop skills and knowledge that could be applied widely, and some are very specific to a particular career or vocation (e.g. nursing or accountancy).

Where can I study higher education?

You can study higher education at a university or a college, and sometimes through your workplace through an apprenticeship or vocational course. Different higher education institutions have different options for full and part time study too!

Is going to university or college just like being at school?

If you are a studying a higher education qualification at university of college then some things are like school but some things are very different! You will usually be taught in a group with other students by a lecturer/tutor (like a teacher) which is similar to school, but your class size could be much bigger than if you were at school and you’ll be responsible for managing your own workload and time.

Finding out more

Year 9 students across the region have created a comic book about higher education that you can find here. Students taking part in the FutureMe Enterprise Challenge were asked to research higher education and present their favourite points in a storyboard and the winning submissions are included in this resource.