Myth Buster

Higher Education won't get my child a job

Certain careers state that applicants must hold a specific higher education qualification to enter, such as becoming a doctor, lawyer or teacher. However there are many other jobs on the market that require graduates of many different disciplines. Those who have undertaken further study often find they can begin their chosen careers above entry level, and may also welcome a higher starting salary. 

Higher Education can also provide excellent links with industries and opportunities for work placements, therefore preparing students for working life and equipping them with the transferable skills that are so highly sought after by employers. 

If your child opts to study for a higher/degree apprenticeship they will gain their qualification whilst working, whilst only a small amount of time is set classroom study. The company who employ the student throughout their apprenticeship may well offer the student full time employment once they have completed their apprenticeship.

I can't afford to pay for my child to access higher education

You donít need to! Your child can access tuition fee and maintenance loans through Student Finance England. Nothing must be paid up front and repayments are only taken from earnings of £27,295 or more. Maintenance loans are means tested past the first £3000 so you will be asked to support your child's application by providing details of your income. More information can be found on the Student Finance England website.



My child will not fit in on a higher education course

People choose to study for a higher education qualification for many different reasons, therefore each course, at each institution is made up of a very diverse mix of people. With so many different options there is something to suit different subject interests, assessment preferences and learning styles. Once studying for a qualification, institutions have a wide array of extra-curricular activities for students to get involved in which are a great way for students to meet like-minded individuals and form strong friendships. 



My Child isn't academic enough to study a higher education qualification

Alongside the range of higher education provision in the region there are also a range of entry requirements. Not all higher education qualifications involve classroom based study, for example, a higher or degree apprenticeship involves full-time work with a day of classroom based study which may suit individuals who prefer to learn in a more practical manner. 

My child won't be safe or supported living on a university campus

Should your child choose to move out of their family home and into university accommodation you can be assured that universities take the health and safety of all their students very seriously. Campus security guards take responsibility for reducing crime on campus and ensuring the safety of their students. Universities and colleges also have staff dedicated specifically to looking after the welfare of students on their campuses (including those who live at home). You can find out more about each institutionís policies and provision of support by visiting their individual websites.