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Student Societies

Studying for a higher education qualification isn't all work and no play! Institutions have a range of extracurricular and social activites on offer so that you can meet other students with similar interests to you. These clubs and groups are often called societies, and they are a great way to make new friends and unwind after a day of studying. Joining a society provides an opportunity to pursue existing hobbies or to try something new. 

Student Societies 

In this video Emily explains what a society is and the benefits of joining different societies when studying for a higher education qualification. Not only are they a great way to unwind after studying, they also provide an opportunity to develop a range of skills that can benefit your studies and future employment. 



Our FutureMe Mentors Say... 

Hear our FutureMe mentors talk about their experiences of societies during their time studying. 



Social Scramble 

Put your new knowledge to the test and try our worksheet! Use the clues and unscramble the letters to find words all about the roles you can take on in a society and the skills and qualities you can develop. 

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