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Student Life

This week we're giving you a sneak peek into life as a student, and we have a very exciting invitation for you! On Friday 17th July we are hosting a live Q&A session with students from the universities in the region. Click on the image below to sign up to our HE Festival, not only will you have access to a range of sessions during the week, you will also receive your secret link to the Q&A session. 

Send us your questions!

To help you get the most out of the Q&A session, we want to hear from you! Send your questions to the students in advance, and they will be answered on the day. Email your questions to info@futureme.ac.uk.

Student Stories

Listen to some of our FutureMe Mentors sharing insights into their lives as higher education students. This podcast focuses on making choices about where and what to study and student accommodation.

A Day in the Life

We asked students across the region what it was like to spend a day in their shoes. 

Ruby is a first year English Literature student at Durham University. You can read her blog here. 

Anna has just graduated from Teesside University. In her blog she talks about being a final year Performing Arts student. Read it here. 

Hannah, our Higher Education Ambassador, studied her higher education qualification at a college. She talks about her thoughts and experience below. 


Three Questions 

Think about three questions you would like to ask a current student and record them on the worksheet below. You can submit these for the Q&A session where our FutureMe Mentors will answer them.