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Student Finance

Student finance doesn't need to be off putting or overwhelming! Knowing the facts will help you get everything that you are entitled to as a student. Our Higher Education Ambassadors explain student finance in the video below.  

What if? Student Finance


Student Finance Explained 

There are two main elements to student finance:

Tuition Fee Loan - This is a loan to cover the cost of tuition and it is paid directly to the university or college you will be studying at. All students are eligible for the full amount of loan to cover their tuition fees should they chose to accept, meaning there is no requirement to pay any money upfront. 

Maintenance Loan - This loan is to support with the living costs associated with studying. This is a means tested loan, therefore the amount you receive will depend on your household income and factors such as whether you live at home or move out to live independently.


What will I repay? 

Remember, repayments are based on what you earn rather than what you owe! Put your new knowledge to the test by trying our worksheet below and see if you can match the salary with the monthly repayment. You may be surprised at the answers! 

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