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Higher Education Study

Studying for a higher education qualification is a different experience to studying at school or college. You'll take more control over your learning and will have more choice about what you learn. You'll also be studying with like minded individuals with an interest in the same subject area. When you study for a higher education qualification your learning becomes much more independent but don't worry, there is support available to help you with this transition! 

In the video below Emily explains what it is like to learn at a higher education institution and how this might be different to your studies so far. 



If you choose to study a higher or degree apprenticeship you'll spend a large amount of time in the workplace. In the workplace you will learn and practise the key skills in your chosen field and gain real experience. As an apprentice you will also spend 20% of your time at a college, university or training provider where you will study the theory behind your chosen industry. 

An image to explain what an apprenticeship is.

The way you will be assessed when completing an apprenticeship will depend on the level of your qualification and the industry but common methods of assessment include, completing coursework, written exams, practical exams and keeping a portfolio of your work. 

A diagram showing how you may be assessed when completing an apprenticeship.

See for yourself! 

Experience university style learning and explore topics you might not get the chance to study in school, but which you could study in higher education in the future by visiting The Brilliant Club website. They have lots of useful information and some great masterclasses on a number of subjects. 

Jargon Buster 

Test your knowledge by having a go at our Jargon Buster crossword that you can download below. 

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