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Higher Education Routes

Higher education refers to any qualification studied at Level 4 or above. You can revisit our Introduction to Higher Education here

There are many different higher education options to help you reach your goals. You can study a number of different courses at colleges and universities across the country and choose from a wide range of subject choices. Each course at each institution will have different entry requirements, so you can pick the qualification types and the route through education that suits you best. Entry requirements are the grades of qualifications you may need to hold to progress to the next step in your education, they may also include work/voluntary experience. 

Routes in the North East 

Exploring the Region

The North East is lucky to have a number of higher education institutions in the region and many have information on their websites to help you find out more. Here we have virtual tours from three institutions in the North East. View the tours to find out more and complete our worksheets to see how much you have learned. 

New College Durham 

Click here to take a tour around New College Durham and complete our worksheet to test your knowledge. 

Northumbia University 

Take a look around Northumbria University by watching the video below and complete our worksheet to test your knowledge. 



Teesside University 

Take a look around Teesside University by watching the video below and complete our worksheet to test your knowledge. 



Find Out More 

We hope that this information has sparked your curiosity about some of the other institutions in the region, if it has we have collated a range of other virtual tours from across the region that you can take a look at. If you'd like to look at institutions across the country, UCAS have details of lots more virtual tours. 

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