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Why Higher Education?

To help guide your research in preparation for the FutureMe Challenge we are focussing on the benefits of higher education. 

Why go on to higher education?

There are a number of reasons that people decide to study for a higher education qualification. Watch our video to find out more:



Benefits of Higher Education

The benefits of higher education

The benefits that higher education brings can last a lifetime. Studying for a higher education qualification gives you the chance to develop a wide range of skills and become more independent, by the time you have finished your course you will have lots of great examples to talk about at job interviews and you may have built up some contacts who can help you gain more work experience. 

Studying for a higher education qualification not only gives you the chance to develop your academic and workplace skills but you'll also have the opportunity to try new and different activities and meet friends for life! The wide range of social activities on offer means you can develop interests you have had for years or try something completely new. 

Big HE Quiz

Put your knowledge to the test with our quiz. You can also download this from the bottom of the page. 



Further Information

If you'd like to find out more about higher education take a look at the rest of our website and remember to check the FutureMe Challenge and Finding my FutureMe Online pages for content regularly.