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Choice in Higher Education

There are many different choices you make when preparing to study a higher education qualification. What type of qualification you will study, when you will study, where you will study and what subject you will study. Doing some research will help you make a decision you are happy with and a decision that is right for you. 

Did you know...

Higher education does not just mean studying for a degree at a university.

Studying for a higher education qualification does not just mean studying for a degree at a university. When we talk about higher education, we mean any qualification at Level 4 and above, so there are many qualifications to choose from. Each qualification will have different teaching, assessments and duration so it can be helpful to think about these things when making your choice. You may choose to study an apprenticeship which involves spending 80% of your time gaining practical experience in the workplace, you'll gain a higher level qualification and earn a wage from day one!

You can earn while you learn with an apprenticeship.

Degree or Degree Apprenticeship? 

The information below explains how a degree and degree apprenticeship are similar and how they are different. When considering different course types that may lead to the same end qualification it can be helpful to consider how you learn best and how you like to be assessed. 

Whether you chose to learn through a degree or a degree apprenticeship the end qualification is the same!

Teaching, learning and assessment is different between a degree and a degree apprenticeship, so it is important to consider how you learn best.

Rebecca's Choice

Rebecca is currently completing a degree apprenticeship in Quantity Surveying at Northumbria University. In the video below she tells us why she decided on this route to her chosen career. 

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