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Belonging in Higher Education

A common concern we hear when discussing higher education is "It's not for people like me" or "I'm worried I won't fit in". We hope this week's content will show you that higher education can be for anyone! 

Studying for a higher education qualification gives you the opportunity to meet new people and try new things. If you study for your qualification at a college or university, or complete an apprenticeship, you will join a community of people with a range of different backgrounds and experiences. 

Who goes to higher education? 



There are many different options for higher education so you can find the option that suits you the best. When studying for a higher education qualification you meet people from a range of different backgrounds that have a range of different experiences but you will share an interest in your chosen subject. You can also meet people with shared interests by joining sports teams and extra-curricular societies. To find out more about the types of higher education and the choices you have, click here. 

Worried about your next steps? 

Students share their experiences of higher education. Matthew says "Meeting and finding so much in common with all sorts of people from all over the world was fantastic".

Our Mentors Say... 

We asked some of our FutureMe Mentors to share their experiences of higher education. 



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Safeenah's Story 

Safeenah, a care experienced student, has shared the concerns she had before starting higher education and the support services she was able to access at university.

Our Top Tips 

If you're thinking about your future, and looking for an option that suits you, we have some top tips to help! You can download these tips at the bottom of this page. 

1) Research what your course will include. 

Even if the course titles match, every higher education institution offers something different. Look into the subjects you'll get to cover while studying and working, and how that content is delivered, and find what suits you best. 

2) Talk to current students. 

There are lots of ways to engage with current students at the institutions you might be interested in attending. Look out for online question and answer platforms and websites like The Student Room. Hearing stories and getting advice from current students really can help. 

3) Consider your social life. 

Think about what you like to do in your spare time and look at what the institutions you are interested in have on offer. Typically, they will have a diverse range of clubs, societies and teams to accommodate people with different interests and backgrounds. 

4) Attend Open Days and other events. 

Where possible, try and visit the institutions you are interested in. Most institutions will hold Open Events are various times during the year. Virtual Open Days are currently a great alternative to visiting in person and many institutions have virtual tours available on their website all year long. UCAS have a great list of virtual tours from across the country!

5) Visit the area (if possible). 

If you want to move away from your local area, it may help to visit the area that you will be studying in. Getting to see the town or city might help you consider if you can see yourself living and studying there. 

What's Your Advice?

What advice would you give to other students who are thinking about their future? Put your new knowledge to the test by completing our worksheet, that can be downloaded below, to help Sara with her transition to higher education. 

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