Transition Into Student Life- Rafat

Hello! I am a student at the University of Sunderland studying Health, Exercise and Fitness and I am about to go into my final year. The thought of transitioning from further education to high education may be overwhelming for some but hopefully reading through my experiences it may answer some questions and free the concerns you may have!

The lead up to starting university I felt quite nervous, worried, excited, and intrigued (what a rollercoaster of emotions, right?!). I was nervous and worried that I may not make friends or may not enjoy it as I had chosen to do something completely different to what I was doing in college as I had previously done computing however I’ve always been more interested into sports and health therefore I decided to change paths completely but luckily first years always have a freshers week where they are eased into university life, shown around campus and meet other students through the various different events during the week and this definitely calmed my nerves down! I was also excited and intrigued to see what university life holds and experiencing new challenges and new people. I know it is a bit cliché, but university really helps expand your mind and skills through opportunities provided and people you meet from all walks of life. Another thing that really helped me transition into university life is accessing the support from the university which really made my university life a lot easier as I had a note taker to help me with any notes I miss out on and pick up any notes that I might’ve missed out on.



The tips that I wished I knew about it before joining university which may benefit you is a couple of things; firstly, societies. Societies can help you join likeminded people who may share similar interests to yourself and before joining university you can check out all of the societies to see which peak your interest the most, I joined the kickboxing society quite late on in first year and I enjoyed it. It was great mixing with others that had the same interest and this helped making conversation with others too. The second tip I would give is making friends with the people in second and third year students in the course you are doing as they would give you the best advice on how to complete upcoming assignments you may have or any questions you may have about certain topics. The third and final topic would be to ensure you engage in many activities around campus, it helps boost your university life more by meeting more people around the campus and help you to experience different things.

I hope you guys benefit from my top tips and actively use them! I really hope this might have answered some questions and concerns you might have had and hope you have a great transition period to university!