Results Day 2018

After years of hard work, exams, and assessments, results day is approaching. In the lead up to the day you might feel a mix of emotions, which is completely natural, but taking some small steps in advance of and on the day can take the stress out of results day.

Before results day

  • Check what time your school or college opens for you to collect your results, and make arrangements to collect your results.
  • Take some time to make a list of useful numbers you might need on the day, eg. The numbers for your firm and insurance choices
  • Relax! Make sure you’re enjoying your break after finishing your exams and assessments.

On the day

  1. Check UCAS track when it updates at 08:00am. If your track changes to display ‘unconditional firm’ it means you have been accepted by your university or college, congratulations! You don’t need to call the university or college to check if it’s true!
  2. Eat some breakfast! Whether you’ll be celebrating all day or making some decisions about your next steps it’s important you’re not doing either on an empty stomach.
  3. Collect your results. If your UCAS Track hasn’t updated yet and you’ve missed your offer it’s good to call the institution at this point with results in hand.
  4. If you don't understand any of your results ask a member of staff to explain them to you. 
  5. Take a pen , notepad, useful numbers and a phone charger with you
  6. Take your phone/camera – capture the excitement of the day and share these memories with your friends and families.
  7. If you’re unsure of what is showing on your UCAS Track account, UCAS have made this handy page, explaining everything!

We’d like to wish everyone awaiting exam results the very best of luck!