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How did I get here - Paige

Paige is currently studying for FdA Police and Criminal Justice Studies at Newcastle College, having recieved an unconditional offer. Here she tell us a little more about her journey to where she is now. 

Before taking part in FutureMe events and activities, how did you feel about higher education?

I was unsure if higher education was for me as I never thought I would be able to manage it. I would always put barriers in my way; I didn't have my GCSE English, I didn't think the workload would be manageable, I didn't think I could learn how to Harvard reference, I really didn't think I would have much of a social life. These were a few of the thoughts which were getting in my way. With the support from the FutureMe team, I believed I could do it!


Which FutureMe activites did you take part in and what did you enjoy about these?

I took part in a FutureMe residential trip to Eskdale which was amazing. The trip started off with a visit to Leeds Beckett University, we listened to a presentation about the university and what it has to offer for those considering higher education. We also had a game of Wheelchair Basketball, which I have never done before! After leaving Leeds we headed to Eskdale. Over the course of the residential I took part in many team tasks, including onsite mini problem-solving tasks, rock climbing, gorge walking and climbing Scafell Pike. I really enjoyed these activities as I acheived new things. 
















How have FutureMe activities that you have taken part in helped you make decisions about higher education?

The activities I took part in on the residential trip helped me consider and come to a decision about higher education, this is because I got an insight into a higher education and was made to feel so welcome. When completing some of the challenging activities such as climbing Scafell Pike I realised I can do what I want if I just keep going and don’t put barriers in my way. I never thought I would get to the top of Scafell Pike and I never thought I would study for a higher education qualification….I achieved them both! 

When you leave education what would you like to do as a career? How do you plan to achieve this?

Once I leave education, I wish to pursue my career in the Police or Her Majesty’s Prison Service. I plan to achieve this by completing Level 4, 5 & 6 of my current course - FdA Police and Criminal Justice Studies, this will allow me to reach the requirements for the police. My course will allow me to gain a better knowledge of the Criminal Justice system which will be helpful for either career.

If you had once piece of advice for young people considering their future, what would it be?

Don’t put barriers in your way! Everyone has a big future ahead of them no matter what, make sure to grab every opportunity you can. Follow your dreams and don’t second guess yourself!

What is your favourite part of your course?

My favourite part of my course is the independent study, I really enjoy this because I can do my own research and gather my own findings to create a good piece of work. This also gives me the opportunity to learn more than what is taught in lessons. Teamwork is crucial for the career I hope to achieve so the team building activities I have taken part in have been fantastic!