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Becky - How did I get here?

My name is Becky and I work for FutureMe, I’m based at Newcastle University. I studied History and Politics at Newcastle University and graduated a few years ago (in 2016). My course was the best part of my university experience as I was able to tailor it to the topics/areas that I loved the most! My course was a joint honours which was a great option for me as I liked more than one subject and wanted a lot of flexibility. When making my decision about university, I chose a course which would give me lots of choice, as I wanted to try new things (and I was quite picky about what I wanted to learn about!).

I wanted to gain some independence and meet new people so I decided to move away from home to study. I got the best of both worlds, as Newcastle is only an hour away from my home town, I got to meet new people and experience a new place but also be close enough to take my washing home and get a nice home-cooked meal! Moving away from home was scary and exciting at the same time, but I felt reassured as I was able to make some fantastic new friends and there was a lot of support available from the university.

I wanted to make the most of my time at university so I joined lots of clubs and took part in several different opportunities – to have fun but also to boost my CV! I joined a netball team, took part in a research project on local history in Tyneside, and did some work experience. I often say that the opportunities available to you in higher education are hard to find elsewhere; the chance to meet people from all over the world, join clubs and societies where people share your interests, and try new things! I also had several part time jobs while studying which included working for a charity, working in a restaurant and working for a political party. It was a great way to earn some extra money and gain important skills such as my organisational skills.

Even though I left university a few years ago, I still don’t know what I would like to do as a career. My course didn’t lead to a particular job/vocation and excitingly left me with lots of options! History and Politics opens up lots of doors in areas such as education, politics, business, research, public services… just to name a few! The main reasons I chose to go to university were to gain a fantastic qualification, move away from home and gain lots of skills I can transfer to a great career. One of the best parts of my current job is that I get to share my positive experiences of higher education with others and, more importantly, answer queries and support students considering their future options. Making big decisions about your future can feel stressful and there is a lot of information which can make things confusing, but it is also a really exciting time as you can choose the options that will lead you to something you’re really passionate about and learn more about your subjects.