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FutureMe and Higher Education Finding your future in Higher Education in the North East. We have amazing universities and colleges in our region and we want to give you all of the information and support you need to understand how higher education can make a difference to your future. We’ll keep our website updated with the latest news and resources regarding higher education in our region, as well as information about all of the great options available to you. Make sure you get where you want to be in the future by thinking about how higher education can help you.
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National Recognition for FutureMe!
We have been shortlisted for a Times Higher Education Award for our FutureMe Enterprise Challenge!
Degree decisions: applying with confidence, affording the journey. Pt 2
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Push and FutureMe have put their heads together and written a little more information to address some of the top concerns students mention to them. In this blog they discuss personal statements.
Degree decisions: applying with confidence, affording the journey. Pt 1
Push and FutureMe have put their heads together to address some of the top concerns students often mention. In this blog they talk about all things finance and in part 2 of their blog they discuss personal statements.